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RigMinder provides advanced wellbore guidance technologies, downhole tools, and surface equipment plus expert well planning and engineering.

Are your Rigs performing at a consistently high level?

Our Services

Server Room

Physics + AI Engines

  • MEM – Based on offset well logs and drilling events to build the MEM for target well, can be updated during execution with updated trajectory and drilling events • Temperature

  • Model – Accurately model the downhole temperature at different drilling operations •

  • Torque & Drag – Accurately model tension/compression/torsion/fatigue of drill strings, with extensive tools specification database •

  • Hydraulics – Accurately model downhole rheology, pressure drop and ECD, with extensive drilling fluid HPHT property database •

  • AI Engine – AI engine to automatically detect mud-logging sensor error, bit runs segregation and rig state.

Physics-based Drilling, driven by MSE Surveillance

MSE graphic 2 clear.png
  • Drill significantly closer to plan
  • Reduce slide distance
  • Optimized rotation




Optimization and Engineering

RigMinder focuses on every phase of the drilling operation.

First, we analyze the drilling rig, crew and equipment capability, functionality and procedures.

Drilling Automation

Our Drilling Automation technology can take control of the rig top-drive, draw-works, and pumps.  It provides customized and optimized operating processes.  We can also provide On-Site and RTOC support.

Repeatable Results

Reduce Human Error

Reduce Manpower

Drilling Automation in Action

The RigMinder Advantage

Remote Operations

Utilizing Criterion from the RTOC to monitor and direct multiple wells simultaneously

  - Reduced rig site personnel required 

  - Efficiencies & cost savings to DD company

  - Lower spread cost and increased profit

  - Superior service 

The Best Directional Drillers

Top DD’s skill set is no longer confined to a single well.

With Criterion an experienced DD can monitor drilling of 2 curves and 4 laterals simultaneously.

Automation and Efficiency

Analysis tools such as motor yield, reporting, survey update and automatic reporting relieve the DD’s workload.

Allowing more focus on performance optimization.


Cloud Computing


Advanced Automated Rig Service and Solutions

Global Support - With support teams strategically positioned around the globe, RigMinder's unmatched service supports your rig operation - no matter where you are.


Analytics - Stay on track in with RigMinder's full suite of analytics software designed to optimize your rig's performance.


Custom Solutions - Modular by design, RigMinder solutions can be tailored as a full system or easily integrated with other monitoring, control, and drilling systems.

Drilling Optimized

RigMinder Automation and Criterion supported directional drilling, providing consistently repeatable results, minimizing risk, and lowering well construction costs.

Rig Fleet Performance Optimization

RigMinder technologies and services optimize rig drilling performance through its Criterion Drilling Optimization Services, which addresses well construction on a rig.

Improve Production

Drive improved wellbore placement and frac stage optimization with Criterion directional bit guidance, for real-time well trajectory, steering support and maximum reservoir access.

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